Happy Holidays


Happy New Years! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and wish you a healthy and happy 2018! I am just back from Sweden where I spent New Years with my family and now I am just watching some movies.

Before then, I was in Dubai from 18-28th of December. It was my first trip there and I am sharing some pics we took while we were there. It was actually the first time we travelled somewhere warm during winter. Dubai is quite a special place. Its mainly a construction city because they keep on building new building and have a bunch a projects to finalise. There are highways everywhere so it is not exactly a walkable city either. What is nice though is the weather. It is always sunny and warm. When we were there it was around 25-27 degrees delicious which is just perfect. In Dubai, there is also so many experience you can try. We bought tickets to desert safari tours where we went to the desert. This was amazing trip. We had the opportunity to see the sunset from there and I got to sandbar for the first time. I would really recommend to do this tour.

Another trip we did was to Abu Dhabi. I really wanted to see the spectacular Sheik Zayed mosque. This trip wasn’t as good as the one to the desert. It was mainly due to the agency arranging the tours but the sightseeing in Abu Dhabi was terrific.

The beaches in Dubai are also very clean and the water is beautiful. It is not too crowded which makes it better.

Other things you can see is the tallest building in the world which is Burj Khalifa, to go around Dubai Marina and to see the fountain show. Sharing some pictures with you below. Overall it was a nice trip but I wouldn’t go there again.

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Croatia, summer 2017


Hi blog,

Miss you long time. Time for a recap I believe. These weeks have been busy. Been working, gymming and travelling.

I had my mini summer vacation (18th to 25th of August) and it was spent in beautiful Croatia with my mamma. We had talked about heading to Croatia for many years and finally we decided it would be this year. Destination was the island Brac (3rd biggest island size wise in Croatia). We stayed in a little city called Bol.

One of the reasons why I picked Bol and Brac, was because I wanted to visit Zlatni Rat. Sharing some photos from Bol. Water was crystal clear (really important for me :D) and the beaches were mainly stone beaches so remember the shoes or you can always buy some there for a reasonable price.


Once there, we signed up for some trips arranged by the travel agency. One of them took us around the Brac island. We went up to Vidova Gora which is the highest peak on the island. Offered the best view and it was truly spectacular to see Zlatni Rat and the islands around Brac from above.


Second trip we did was to Krka national park. Its one of the more popular spots in Croatia so it is quite crowded. However, the waterfalls are amazing. I haven’t really seen waterfalls like that before so it was an experience for me. Its too bad you can’t really swim under waterfalls there. On our way back we stopped at Trogir for while and got to walk around the little village there.


The trip was super nice overall and hope that I will return to Croatia. There are so many places left to visit there like Dubrovnik, Plitvice lakes, Hvar and many more.

Also managed to click this incredible sunset when we were at Split. Sky is on fire. How can we not be amazed by this earth we are living in. Important to be thankful and to remember that we are all blessed everyday.




… I haven’t been here for a while. Busy w. work, gym and travels I guess.

I was in London for 4 days, end of May which I really enjoyed. In Sweden, we celebrate Mothers Day last sunday in May so thought we would celebrate this with a trip to London. I have only been there once before but it was a couple of years ago and during winter and I wanted to experience it when its sunshine and just a bit warmer weather ūüėÄ

4 days in London was just nice enough to see the main attractions. We stayed at Hilton by Canary Wharf which I found super nice and location was great for us. There are 2 lines (Jubilee and DLR train) very close to that hotel which made it really easy to reach inner London city quickly. There was also a really nice breakfast place nearby called Bar One which we absolutely loved.

1st day we took the hop on hop off bus and looked around a bit the main attractions.¬†I do enjoy taking those hop on hop off buses. I think it is a nice way to see all the touristy stuff and then if I want to explore more I just hop off.¬†During the evening I had 2 tickets for Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty¬īs Theatre which was simply extraordinary. It is quite a small theatre which I loved and the voices by entire cast were amazing. Truly recommend to everyone who likes musicals. This is a must.

2nd day we were on foot. We went to see Big Ben, Westminister Abbey, Houses of Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and the list goes on. Buckingham Palace is super impressive every time.

We were so lucky with the weather. It was sunny and warm. Energy in the city was great and loads of people out. I had served a table at the Ivy later during the evening and we had delicious dinner. Its a bit more expensive but so good.

3rd day we went to have some fish¬īn¬īchips by Piccadilly Circus and then over to Hyde park and Green park. We took the boat on Thames from the Westminister to the Tower. It was a really fun experience due to the staff on the boat. They were hilarious. We saw London Eye, Tate modern, OXO and London Bridge, Tower bridge and Shakespeares Globe Theatre amongst others. Also headed back on London bridge to take the tube back.

4th Day and our last day, was spent to see St Pauls Cathedral which was also one highlight of the trip. It is marvellous. Walked to Tower of London and then over London Bridge to Borough Market to have some food.

Overall it was a great long weekend and everything went so smooth which I am always thankful for.




On the road…or was on the road to Los Angeles meh.

Los Angeles was pretty great. Meaning, warm weather, food, nice houses, palm trees and Hollywood. Very chill atmosphere and it was also the last big city so we took it very cool and just enjoying driving around (a car in LA is a must). Seeing Malibu, Venice beach, Santa Monica, Rodeo drive and Beverly Hills is amazing.

Also went hiking up on Runyon Canyon which provides fantastic views over the city, same thing as Griffith Park and Mulholland Drive.


Some places to recommend for lunch or dinner in LA are Urth cafe and also Pizzeria Mozza.


We left the LA and drove along the coast line since we had to head to SF again to take our flight. On the way, we stopped by Monterey which is quite small Fishermans city. Also drove to charming Carmel-by-the-sea which I really liked.

In Monterey, eating seafood is a MUST. So delicious, the best I had. I ate at a place called Scales Seafood and Steaks.


Foto 2017-04-16 20 17 39 (1)Foto 2017-04-16 20 58 39







After San Francisco, the plan was to head to warmer weather. We rented a Mustang and our destination was Las Vegas through Death Valley National Park. Really recommend to see Badwater Basin and Zabriskie Point.


In Las Vegas, I also took the opportunity to see Celine Dion live (!!!) at Colosseum, Caesars Palace :O. There are so many and different shows to choose from. I had troubles choosing between Celine Dion, Britney Spears and the Chippendales hihi :D. Had to go for Celine though.


IMG_0937.JPGAfter being in Las Vegas 3 days, we drove to experience Grand Canyon – such spectacular views. One fun fact – Arizona is actually one of those states that has decided not to follow daylight saving time.


After Grand Canyon, we head back to Las Vegas for a day. Before setting our destination to Los Angeles we also drove to see Hoover Dam. Always think of National Lampoon movie when hearing Hoover Dam :D.