First blog post – US WEST COAST 1



So I decided to start a blog… let’s see how this will turn out 🙂

Just arrived back from my vacation, so I thought I would share a bit about the trip I did in the west coast of US. I arrived 30th of March in San Francisco and spent some days there. It’s a cool city with steep hills. Had to of course see Lombard street, walk around Fishermans wharf, painted ladies and up to Twin Peaks where you can see the view of the entire city.

Lombard street

Lombard street which is famous for being quite crooked..

Also ended up biking on the Golden Gate bridge and over to small very beautiful Sausalito (really recommend this place!). It has a mediterranean look and very different compared to San F.


Sausalito. Beautiful, isn’t it.


Golden Gate Bridge


Sunset by Golden Gate bridge


For eating, I really liked Haight Ashbury area. Quite hipsterish where you can find really nice food. Ended up eating at two restaurants (same owner), one of which focuses on Puerto Rican food (Parada 22) and the other on Mexican food (Cha cha cha) and they are just next to each other. Both very delicious, yum.

IMG_0194 2

Parada 22


Puerto rican food – Really recommend it!


Over and out for now.