Happy Holidays


Happy New Years! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and wish you a healthy and happy 2018! I am just back from Sweden where I spent New Years with my family and now I am just watching some movies.

Before then, I was in Dubai from 18-28th of December. It was my first trip there and I am sharing some pics we took while we were there. It was actually the first time we travelled somewhere warm during winter. Dubai is quite a special place. Its mainly a construction city because they keep on building new building and have a bunch a projects to finalise. There are highways everywhere so it is not exactly a walkable city either. What is nice though is the weather. It is always sunny and warm. When we were there it was around 25-27 degrees delicious which is just perfect. In Dubai, there is also so many experience you can try. We bought tickets to desert safari tours where we went to the desert. This was amazing trip. We had the opportunity to see the sunset from there and I got to sandbar for the first time. I would really recommend to do this tour.

Another trip we did was to Abu Dhabi. I really wanted to see the spectacular Sheik Zayed mosque. This trip wasn’t as good as the one to the desert. It was mainly due to the agency arranging the tours but the sightseeing in Abu Dhabi was terrific.

The beaches in Dubai are also very clean and the water is beautiful. It is not too crowded which makes it better.

Other things you can see is the tallest building in the world which is Burj Khalifa, to go around Dubai Marina and to see the fountain show. Sharing some pictures with you below. Overall it was a nice trip but I wouldn’t go there again.

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