Earlier this year, I decided to move forward with undergoing an eye surgery. I have/had quite bad vision (-9,5 and -10) and I thought that now that I can actually afford it and my eye sight has been stable for some years now so it felt like a good time. 31st of August was due date and as you can imagine I was quite nervous on the day. I did it at Memira in Malmö, Sweden and they had recommended me to do ICL treatment meaning that they would insert an artificial lens in my eyes. This lens can be taken out or it can remain forever.

We arrived there 9 in the morning. They gave me some pills which would calm me and my muscles and then they started with eye drops which would enlarge my pupils and numb my eyes. After a while, I was directed to the room they perform the surgery and I received another couple of rounds of eye drops. At that point, I was a bit out of it and all I could see was the light. The staff there were super nice and held my hand during the whole time as they could tell I was a bit tensed. I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure (thank god). Afterwards, they just told me to sit up and see and I did. It was a bit blurry but I could actually see which was weird. I went to the resting room and actually managed to fell asleep there for a while before they did a check up to see if my eyes are alright. They were and I could actually head back home. It was a weird feeling, I must admit, I don’t think I actually believed that I don’t have my normal lenses on and this feeling remained for 2 weeks. I still felt bad when I would fall asleep because I was thinking that I hadn’t removed my lenses and when I would wake up I had to remind myself that I actually had the procedure and I can see.

During the 1st week, I saw fine however I saw halos from strong lamps or the sun. The eye drops that I had to take for 3 weeks were hurting a bit and my eyes were feeling tired, dry and heavy. On Friday, I will have my check up for the 3rd time. Last time, my left eye sight had worsen a bit and the eye pressure had gone up a bit. So I hope that it hasn’t gotten worse. usually they say that 10% of people will have to do a small laser procedure afterwards.

Overall, I am very happy that everything went well. For me, this is a big ordeal and to wake up and see immediately is still weird but amazing at the same time.

Someone told me that I was given a miracle and I would like to treat it like that or think about it like that. Its quite amazing thing to correct someones vision like that. Let´s not take anything for granted, I hope I won’t.


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