I had been wanting to head to Ystad Saltsjöbad, Sweden since many people I knew had been there and recommended the spa. So beginning of June, I booked a weekend there. It is rather expensive but thought to give it a try. Took the train directly from Helsingborg and once we arrived it started to rain. Typical.

The hotel and spa is by the water so the views are really beautiful and calming. When we arrived we are welcomed with bathrobes and slippers and we also got the room on the highest floor. In the package, we had the option to get either a face massage or a body (and face) massage so I booked tranquility massage which was so relaxing. The spa area has a jacuzzi, swimming pool, inside warm pools and two outside pools on one of the sides. The bigger outside pools were closed due to the rain. The rain didn’t bother us so much because we could spend time in the heated pools outside which is quite cool when its raining. The spa is quite big which is nice because then it doesn’t feel so crowded. After being spoiled there a couple of hours, we were spoiled even more and had dinner.

They also have two big rooms where there are beds around and a fire for relaxation. One can just lay on the beds and rest, read a book and simply just chill. Its super cosy. The day we were supposed to leave, the sun decided to come out so turned out to be a beautiful day. We had our breakfast. So impressive, they have so many options and you could eat forever.

I provide some pictures of the place below if you would like to see how it looks like 🙂



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